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Scheibbser3er (AT)

The Scheibbser3er is a singing group from Scheibbs in Lower Austria. 3er because the singers Gudrun Schagerl, Elisabeth Handl and Gerda Hengstberger sing traditional yodellers and folk songs in three part harmony. They prefer wearing dirndls which doesn´t mean that they allow themselves to be forced into a corset.
It all started at the Scheibbs shooting range, where they found a place to rehears for numerous “ORF” and “Servus TV” shows, but also for performances throughout Austria. They were singing and performing together at the Hofburg in Vienna, on alpine pastures in Vorarlberg, at three-song meetings in Salzburg and Bavaria, at the big “Aufhohrchen” events in all parts of the country, in the Palais Niederösterreich, Festspielhaus St.Pölten and Schloss Grafenegg and at the Narcissus Festival in Bad Aussee.
There have been released four CDs so far: “Scheibbser Thursday”, “Scheibbser Dreier”, “Scheibbser Kugel” and “Scheibbser Seitenblicke”. They are the first women to be awarded the Scheibbs City Culture Prize. Their voices have developed and grown together for decades, their musical style unmistakable.

6:00 p.m.

line up:

Gudrun Schagerl
Elisabeth Handl
Gerda Hengstberger