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Opas Diandl (IT)

2018 was a special year for Opas Diandl from South Tyrol, as they celebrated their ten-year anniversary. Ten years on stage for a group who found their place between Alpine traditions and all the other musical influences brought in by each individual musician, as well as their jaunty joy of playing, their charm and versatility. From yodeling to punk rock, from folk to contemporary classical music – Opas Diandl have developed a musical language and a sound in which all these styles blend naturally.

No matter if they perform in a barn, in a cabaret or in a large concert hall, be it in South Tyrol, Germany, or Austria – the audience usually agrees: Opas Diandls are a memorable event! As you would expect from Opas Diandl, they did not celebrate their anniversary with a retrospective, but with a new program and CD with the title “X”. We are looking forward to highly energetic and emotionally charged music, both vocal and instrumental, and their own lyrics in South Tyrolean dialect.

6:00 pm

Line up:

Matthias Härtel
Double bass, voice, nyckelharpa, violin
Veronika Egger
violin, viola da gamba, voice
Markus Prieth
Raffele, viola, banjo, voice
Thomas Lamprecht
guitar, voice
Jan Langer