© Franzi Kreis


In her Solo-Project „MILLYCENT“ Milly Groz transforms herself into a free floating bubbly energy ball, that surfs between the waves of popular music, dadaism and free tonality. Seemingly effortless she places her own songs between old disco hits. These Evergreens are playfully rearranged through wonky beats or unexpected twists to their lyrics and thus internalised in the MILLYCENT-funkyverse. Both on her piano and with her voice, Milly Groz seems to transform herself into a living groove-machine.

„Because I’m dancing! The Lava on the inside of my volcano is made of beat and mumble!“

Her joy in combining free Improvisation, Jazz, Disco-Pop, Matcho-Lyrics of the 60ties, feminist statements and Hip Hop make MILLYCENT an experience for very mixed audiences.

11:00 a.m.