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Helmut Wittmann (AT)

Helmut Wittmann, born in 1959, lives in the Fischereck house at the foot of the legendary Kasberg mountain in Almtal valley, Upper Austria, and has been a full-time storyteller for 30 years.

He focusses on Austrian folk tales – not because they are any better than others, but because we are more familiar with their language and symbol inventory. The alpine folk and fairy tales are undeniably fascinating, however, they are also on the verge of oblivion. This is the key motivation for Helmut Wittmann to revive the tradition of storytelling. Over the years, he developed several bilingual fairy tale programmes.

It was at his request that UNESCO included “telling fairy tales in Austria” in its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Only recently, Wittmann had a comprehensive collection of alpine folktales published at Tyrolia.

4:30 pm