© Hessam Samavatian

Gabbeh (AT, IRN)

“Ethnic”, global, and world music are nothing more than shallow genre catchwords from a time already long past. The internationality of music is an established fact, and the young ensemble Gabbeh represents its flowering: a contemporary, fearless approach to the music of our time. With its unconventional instrumentation, the trio goes well beyond the simple mixing of their musical traditions, transforming them into transparent – even transcendent – compositions, balancing discipline with abandon. Shahyar sings the story of a life in Farsi, with equal parts passion and virtuosity. Melancholy blends with the discipline of a chamber ensemble, ecstasy, and weightlessness. Their songs cut to the heart, evoking the archaic cry of the blues…a wildly acclaimed performance. (unlimited Festival, 2017)

19:30 Uhr

Line up:

Golnar Shahyar
Voice, Percussion
Mona Matbou Riahi
Manu Mayr