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Artists wellenklænge 2020

© Ralph Kuehne

chuffDRONE (AT)

THU // 30-07-2020

chuffDRONE combines five charismatic musicians, each of them with his or her own approach to Jazz. Five mindful team-players who dive into each other’s musical performance with full commitment.

© Anna Zehetgruber

Die Stifta Geigenmusi (AT)

SUN // 26-07-2020

Since their founding almost 45 years ago, the Stifta Geigenmusi has seen interesting times and developments. This and the diverse personalities and backgrounds of the musicians are probably the secret ingredients of their genuine music in terms of style and repertoire.

© Reiner Riedler

Die Strottern & Blech (AT)

FR // 24-07-2020

The “Strottern” play some sort of Fado, we could say. Just a little less melodramatic, but more jolly, more nasty, more grotesque. And enriched by a trumpet and a trombone, thus their program is simply called “Die Strottern & Blech”, which roughly translates to “The Tinkers & Brass”.

© Fred Lindmoser

D’Kiahmöcha (AT)

SUN // 26-07-2020

The group that goes by the name of “D’ Kiamöcha” (Austrian dialect for “the milkers”) first met on 6 January 1998 in Göstling. Back then, the intention was primarily to preserve the traditional songs and yodels of the “Eisenstraße” and “Phyrn/Eisenwurzen” region.

© Lukas Beck

Erwin Wagenhofer (AT)

SAT // 18-07-2020

In seinem neuesten Film But Beautiful sucht er das Schöne und Gute und zeigt Menschen, die ganz neue Wege beschreiten. Wie könnte ein gutes, ein gelungenes Leben aussehen? Ist ein „anderes“ Leben überhaupt möglich?

© Hessam Samavatian

Gabbeh (AT, IRN)

FRI // 31-07-2020

“Ethnic”, global, and world music are nothing more than shallow genre catchwords from a time already long past. The internationality of music is an established fact, and the young ensemble Gabbeh represents its flowering: a contemporary, fearless approach to the music of our time.

© Herbert Raffalt

Helmut Wittmann (AT)

THU // 21-07-2020

Helmut Wittmann, born in 1959, lives in the Fischereck house at the foot of the legendary Kasberg mountain in Almtal valley, Upper Austria, and has been a full-time storyteller for 30 years.

© Sasha Osaka

Jelena Poprzan (SRB)

THU // 23.07.2020

An album on which the gates to musical diversity are being opened wide: the violist and singer JELENA POPRŽAN shows on her solo debut “La Folia” (Lotus Records) in a stirring way what kind of extraordinary things can come about once one breaks away from all classical musical concepts.

© Peter Grillmair

Lylit (AT)

FRI // 17-07-2020

It’s no secret that LYLIT confronts your heart head-on. She doesn’t believe in detours nor superficialities. If you like listening to LYLIT, you are not afraid of uncovering your deepest longings, most intense feelings and opening yourself up. There is no halfway with LYLIT.

© Pascal Triponez

Manu Delago (AT)

SAT // 01-08-2020

As a two-year-old Manu Delago began what would become a very musically inclined life as he sat behind his first drumkit. Four years later, he took accordion lessons and at the age of ten, he started playing the piano.

© Andrej Grilc

Marie Spaemann (AT)

FRI // 17-07-2020

The musical journey of cellist and singer/songwriter Marie Spaemann is shaped by an active and varied concert schedule as well as a fascination and curiosity for the diversity of the creative process and contemplative approaches to music making.

© Severin Koller

Mario Rom's INTERZONE (AT)

SAT // 18-07-2020

Those attempting to describe Mario Rom’s INTERZONE seem to be looking constantly for superlatives. After a concert at the famed Rochester Jazz Festival in New York, the festival’s main critic declared that “I have yet to hear a group of musicians – anywhere – with a more serious sense of play.

© Chris Perkles

Postwirtmusi (AT)

SUN // 26-07-2020

Wherever the members of the Postwirtmusi come together, they bring joy to the eyes and ears of their audience. When they play traditional alpine music, we can feel their overwhelming passion...

© Ronnie Niedermeyer

Ratzer | Herbert | eXtracello (AT)

SAT // 25-07-2020

Karl Ratzer barely needs introduction – the Viennese guitarist has been right up there with the world class for many decades. In the 60s of the past century, he started out with formations such as The Slaves, Charles Ryders Corporation, C-Department, or Gipsy Love and left a mark on the Austrian rock history before he moved to the USA and to jazz.

© Magdalena Blaszczuk

Sigrid Horn Trio (AT)

FRI // 17.07.2020

I bleib do: I’m staying here. That’s the title of Sigrid Horn’s second Album (release march 2020). After releasing her first album „sog i bin weg“ (= „tell them I’m gone“) and winning the „Protestsongcontest“ in 2019, she’s now beginning a new chapter with songs about healing, but still criticizing the cause for the pain.

© Cliff Ochs

Thomas Hein, PhD (AT)

WED // 29-07-2020

Univ.Prof. Thomas Hein started as full professor at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management in 2017 and is managing director of WasserCluster Lunz since 2008. He successfully finished his PhD about river floodplain interactions, ...