Künstler*innen wellenklænge 2020

© Lukas Beck

Christian Muthspiel – Orjazztra Vienna (AT)

SAT // 25.07.2020

Large jazz ensembles have become a rarity. One of the consequences of the decline in wages in the last decade has been the loss of a culture that has shaped the history of one of the greatest musical inventions of the 20th century: ...

Christian Wallumrød Ensemble (NO)

FRI //31.07.2020

Christian Wallumrød Ensemble is considered one of the most prominent ensembles of contemporary chamber music in Europe.

© Carsten Aniksdal
© Ralph Kuehne

chuffDRONE (AT)

THR // 30.07.2020

chuffDRONE combines five charismatic musicians, each of them with his or her own approach to Jazz. Five mindful team-players who dive into each other’s musical performance with full commitment.


Duo Naqsh (IRN)

THR // 23.07.2020

Naqsh (Farsi word: ornamentation, form, figure or any other shape which is related to visual arts.) Internationally active duo, Golfam Khayam guitar and Mona Matbou Riahi clarinet, is offering a palette of colors in an unforeseen musical territory by discovering the overlaps of Persian and contemporary music.

© Hessam Samavatian/ECM Records
© Clément Puig

Elina Duni (ALB)

THR // 23.07.2020

Born into an artistic family in Tirana, Albania, in 1981, Elina Duni made her first steps on the stage as a singer aged five, singing for National Radio and Television.


Ethno in Transit (EST, AT, CHI, SCO, SWE, IT)

SAT // 18.07.2020

We then went to the La Unión stage, where the band Ethno in Transit played with a force that would seem inconceivable for an almost 100% acoustic line-up. With 4 violins, accordion, flutes, percussion, cello, bass and an acoustic guitar, one would rather expect a quiet and relaxing performance.

© Manu Rojas
© Herbert Raffalt

Helmut Wittmann (AT)

TUE // 21.07.2020

Helmut Wittmann, born in 1959, lives in the Fischereck house at the foot of the legendary Kasberg mountain in Almtal valley, Upper Austria, and has been a full-time storyteller for 30 years.


Janusz Prusinowski Kompania (PO)

FRI// 24.07.2020

Janusz Prusinowski Kompania, musicians and dancers fascinated with village tradition. After years of playing with friends at the doorstep, being apprenticed to village music masters, going through musical adventures worldwide and even theatre and music schools experiences...

© A-Mendel
© karinnussbaumer.com

Jazzorchester Vorarlberg (AT)

FRI // 17.07.2020

Martin Eberle and Martin Franz started the Jazzorchester Vorarlberg (JOV) as a professional platform for the local jazz and impro community in 2005. Since then, the adventurous ensemble has been part of several cross-genre projects,...


D’Kiahmöcha (AT)

SUN // 26.07.2020

The group that goes by the name of “D’ Kiamöcha” (Austrian dialect for “the milkers”) first met on 6 January 1998 in Göstling. Back then, the intention was primarily to preserve the traditional songs and yodels of the “Eisenstraße” and “Phyrn/Eisenwurzen” region.

© Severin Koller

Lylit (AT)

FRI // 17.07.2020

It’s no secret that LYLIT confronts your heart head-on. She doesn’t believe in detours nor superficialities. If you like listening to LYLIT, you are not afraid of uncovering your deepest longings, most intense feelings and opening yourself up.


Manu Delago (AT)

SAT // 01.08.2020

Der Grammy-nominierte Perkussionist und Komponist Manu Delago ist zurück mit einem brandneuen Album und seiner bisher größten Liveshow.

© Pascal Triponez
© Andrej Grilc

Marie Spaeman (AT)

FRI // 17.07.2020

Der musikalische Weg der Cellistin und Singer -Songwriterin Mela Marie Spaemann ist einerseits von einer regen und vielseitigen Konzerttätigkeit, andererseits von ihrem kontemplativen und neugierigem Zugang zu den unterschiedlichen Formen des Kunstschaffens geprägt.


Opas Diandl (IT)

SUN // 26.07.2020

2018 was a special year for Opas Diandl from South Tyrol, as they celebrated their ten-year anniversary. Ten years on stage for a group who found their place between Alpine traditions and all the other musical influences brought in by each individual musician, ...

© Flyles Planet
© Michael Reiter

Musik- und Bewegungsstunde für Kinder & Erwachsene

SUN // 19.07.2020

Johanna Kugler was born in Vienna. As a singer and violinist, she feels right at home in various – mostly traditional – music styles of the world. During her studies (violin and rhythmics) at the University for music and performing arts Vienna, the Kunstuniversität Graz, and the Haydn Konservatorium Eisenstadt, she toured all over Europe


Postwirtmusi (AT)

SUN // 26.07.2020

Wherever the members of the Postwirtmusi come together, they bring joy to the eyes and ears of their audience. When they play traditional alpine music, we can feel their overwhelming passion – a much needed asset given that for every rehearsal, they travel 450 km, cross one national and five county borders.

© Chris Perkles
© Ronnie Niedermeyer

Ratzer | Herbert | eXtracello (AT)

SUN // 26.07.2020

Karl Ratzer barely needs introduction – the Viennese guitarist has been right up there with the world class for many decades. In the 60s of the past century, he started out with formations such as The Slaves, Charles Ryders Corporation, C-Department, or Gipsy Love and left a mark on the Austrian rock history before he moved to the USA and to jazz.


Sister Raie (US)

FRI // 17.07.2020

We know Renee “Sista Raie” Benson as the lead singer of the Jazzwerkstatt affiliate ensemble ”Synesthetic”, as the MC of ”No Home for Johnny”, or as Meaghan Burke’s partner in ”Cheating on New York”, the duo that – oscillating between Vienna and New York – has bequeathed us with the hit “Wake Up Vienna” ....

© Georg Schlosser
© Ingeborg Sperl

Thomas Hein, PhD (AT)

WED // 29.07.2020

Univ.Prof. Thomas Hein started as full professor at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management in 2017 and is managing director of WasserCluster Lunz since 2008.