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Roland Neuwirth & radio.string.quartet (AT)

It was 19 months and 4 days after Roland Neuwirth had retired from the stage (and from the Extremschrammeln) when a friend asked him to play one more time at the festival he was organising. Neuwirth accepted. However, he chose not to play with his ex-ensemble, the Neuwirth Extremschrammeln (who are considered music history as of 2016), but with the radio.string.quartet, a string quartet he had valued highly for quite some time. The set list was a mix of Neuwirth’s greatest hits and a couple of new songs, written and arranged by members of the r.s.q. or Roland Neuwirth himself. The new adaptations for string quartet shed a new light on Neuwirth’s songs. They may be irritating at first sight, as if observed through a distorting mirror, but then, as if under a burning glass, they turn out more subtle and more defined than ever; this makes them highly fascinating to listen to.

Roland Neuwirth about the new project: „When an excellent ensemble like the radio.string.quartet devote themselves to my songs, this adds a new dimension. Violinists Bernie Mallinger and Igmar Jenner used to play with the Extremschrammeln for quite some time. Together with the virtuoso and pretty ladies Cynthia Liao (viola) and Sophie Abraham (cello), they form a divinely grooving string quartet. Who wouldn’t be roused from their lethargy in view of such presence? I’m sure you will understand: I’m addicted, I’m singing again.“

11:00 am

Band members:

Roland Neuwirth
voice and contra guitar
Bernie Mallinger
Igmar Jenner
Cynthia Liao
Sophie Abraham