© Stephan Mussil

Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln (AT)

“The Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln were the first band to make genuine Viennese music. They play with the country’s best musicians at the best festivals and have absolutely nothing to do with the vinous, slimy Wienerlied!” – Barbara Rett

The Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln play Schrammel music in its most genuine form, yet in today’s guise. Countless old “Weana Tanz“ and Marches serve as inspiration and source for new work. Today, the Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln play old traditional and new own pieces and continually seek to refine their sound. The origin of the Viennese sound is the Heurigen pubs and today, this sound is highly appreciated by the seasoned musicians and part of the repertoire of the international concert halls. The Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln have toured 25 countries, but have always returned the Heurigen in Vienna.

06:00 pm

Band members:

Peter Uhler
Clemens Fabry
Helmut Stippich
Schrammel harmonica
Peter Havlicek