© Julia Wesely

Hotel Palindrone (AT)

4 musicians, 20 instruments, 26 countries, 6 awards – 24 years on stage!
For more than two decades the Austrian band HOTEL PALINDRONE has inspired critics and listeners. From Malysia to Spain, from Scotland to Lithuania, from Italy to Sweden, from Mexico to Greece, from France to India.
HOTEL PALINDRONE is an Austrian acoustic quartet that “houses” music traditions from Austria, shaken and stirred with many other influences. Traditional European folk mixes with classic music, prog rock and jazz, never forgetting to emphasize their own alpine heritage. Yodeling is blended with beatboxing, the bagpipes meet the saxophone, the bouzouki rocks with the nyckelharpa, the jaws harps mix with the e-bass, the mandola backs the accordion.

06:30 pm

Band Members:

Albin Paulus
Bagpipes, clarinet, jew’s harp, shawms, flutes, vocals
Andy Neumeister
Bouzouki, Valisette, mandola, guitar, vocals
Peter Natterer
Saxophone, electric bass, piano, melodica, beatboxing
Stephan Steiner
Violin, diet. Accordion, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, vocals