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David Six (AT)

“The depth that David Six explores and uncovers in his piano music is highly impressive! Sitting across from comments of virtuosity, design and background, the source of ‘real’ music is conveyed!” (Christoph Cech, composer) David (1985), grown up in a family rooted in Austrian Folk music, started out playing classical piano at the age of six. Soon it was clear that improvisation would take a leading role in his life. After studying piano at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz, he left Austria to study Indian Classical Music with Manickam Yogeswaran in Berlin and later with Pandit Shailendra Mishra in New Delhi. With a particular interest in writing his own material and an often critically acclaimed touch on his instrument, David has been developing an adventurous performance practice. As the Canadian artist Feist recently stated: “I’ve never heard anyone play the piano like this! It was incredible!” “Music, for me, is not only the craftwork of stringing together well polished tones, counterpoints or accentuations. During a successive performance, music reveals itself as a substance living between the produced tonal events. I consider music as something that exists even without our sonic contribution, a transcendent matter. Nevertheless, music depends on me and on us to emerge and to let its soul breathe.” As a composer, David has worked in many different settings, ranging from solo piano to full orchestra. In 2018, he was rewarded with the Upper Austrian State Government Price (Landeskulturpreis) for his work platonic solids (op. 84). In 2016/17 David was nominated for the fifth edition of “The New Austrian Sound of Music”, a music support programme of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. As a soloist and as a member of Stargaze, an ensemble working in classical and classicalcontemporary music, David collaborated with many outstanding artists in genres of contemporary pop, electronica and various other genres: Aart Strootman, Dach, Shara Worden, Woodkid, Mira Lu Kovacs, Astronautalis, Daníel Fridrik Bö›varsson, Bryce Dessner, Laura Winkler’s Wabi-Sabi Orchestra, Awir Leon, Morris Kliphuis, The Barr Brothers, Terry Riley, Ramsch & Rosen, Bill Frisell, Astronautalis, Andrej Prozorov, David Six’ Matador, Wanja Slavin, Tarun Balani, Nora Fischer, Alexi Murdoch, Grant Hart, and many more.

7:30 pm