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Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei (IT)

In the huge panorama of vocal music in Sardinia, this group occupies a top level place for the peculiarities of its repertoire, which embraces both forms of the vocal tradition of Orosei: the secular one “a tenore” and the sacred one “a cuncordu”. In the country of the Baronia, on the mid-oriental coast of the island, the two singing modes have never been abandoned: the contact of younger choristers with the older ones had been able to keep the tradition alive. The Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei is born in 1978 and can boast a curriculum filled of experiences, with important collaborations, many gigs on the stages of festivals and events in Italy and outside, and a significant discography. In 1994 they record their first CD of sacred music, and two years after one dedicated to the secular repertoire. Their only aim is that of preserving the chants as faithfully as possible to the canons of the Orosein canto tradition. With commitment and perseverance, alongside the older choristers, they begin a journey of study and research into the chants from the Orosei tradition thus making a significant contribution to the appreciation and preservation of the entire musical repertoire. In 1997, the meeting with German producer Stefan Winter will output four records for his record label (Winter&Winter), including “Colla Voche”, together with the cello player Ernst Reijseger and percussionist Alan “Gunga” Purves, and a double CD coupled with a dense booklet including a six-language translation of the whole sacred and “a tenore” repertoire of Orosei. Afterwards, the group has worked together with Ernst Reijseger and Mola Sylla, to the soundtrack of two films by Werner Herzog: “The Wild Blue Yonder” and “The White Diamond”. In addition they collaborate with various protagonists of popular Sardinian music – from Luigi Lai to Totore Chessa to the Tenores of Bitti and Paolo Fresu – the group coins several experiences outside “pure” tradition, such as the project “Voyage en Sardaigne” of saxophonist Enzo Favata, with Nguyen Le, Mola Sylla, Luciano Biondini, and some works of classic-contemporary.

7:30 pm

Band Members:

Gian Nicola Appeddu
Gianluca Frau
Mario Siotto
Massimo Roych
Piero Pala
Tonino Carta