© Hanna Naske

Am 17. Oktebruar (AT)

The soundscapes of Elisabeth Naske’s new children’s songs are diverse, imaginative, and colourful – like the pages of a picture book.
Two singers tell unheard tales of a hungry bear, a love-sick hen, a peculiar dialogue between a Saint Bernhard and a Dalmatian dog, of crazy things happening on 17 Octebruary, of finding the answer to the question which came first, the chicken or the egg, of a shudder that lies on the lookout, of Mrs. Hagen from Copenhagen, of an apple-dapple-grey, of sparrow salad, of flies that fly and sit, of Mr. Ming’s garden, and of the angel of tranquillity. Come, ye people of all age groups, come, listen closely and dream, laugh, and marvel.
A remarkably colourful instrumentation gives life to the numerous characters in the stylistically diverse songs and takes the audience to a range of fantastic places.

Supported by musik aktuell.

3:00 pm


Elisabeth Naske
Ela Baumann
Hanna Naske
Theresa Dlouhy
Jan Petryka
Katharina Dürrschmid
Donna Molinari
Diane Pascal
Kinga Janiszewski


Target Group
Age 5 – 99