Schallwellen Music Workshop

Nordic & Alpine Contemporary Folk


One thing is for sure: this week, Lake Lunz will definitely NOT be a still water

The Schallwellen music workshop is aimed at advanced musicians who master their instrument (all kinds of instruments welcome) and are keen on alpine and international folk music, dancing and yodelling, composing and improvising. At the eco-farm Biohof Herdengl, in a wonderful naturalistic atmosphere, you will have the chance to get to know Austrian and international music traditions, expand your musical repertoire, learn how to arrange pieces of music in small ensembles and how to create your own compositions. Enjoy a week of dancing, singing, yodelling, fiddling and jamming in a casual and inspiring environment. You will also have several chances to perform your newly acquired skills in front of an audience.

Julia Lacherstorfer (AT) – fiddle, yodelling, ensemble

Johanna Kugler (AT) – fiddle, yodelling, ensemble

Sophie Abraham (NL) – cello, ensemble

Kevin Henderson (SC) – fiddle, ensemble

Guest instructor: Franz Huber (AT) – dancing

Director: Julia Lacherstorfer

In cooperation with Musikfabrik NÖ

Concerts and side events

The workshop is an offcial event of the lively and colourful wellenklaenge festival. As a workshop participant, you will have free admission to all festival concerts. You will also get the chance to actively take part in the organisation of selected events, such as the “Seebadfest” or the “Hausball”, which also marks the end of the workshop.


On application, you can choose between the following three groups, depending on your skill:

1 Basic = You are skilled with your instrument, but need several repetitions to memorise melodies.

2 Advanced = You are very skilled with your instrument and are able to memorise melodies quickly, even without sheet music.

3 Ensemble = You play an accompanying instrument (e.g. guitar, cello, double bass, accordion) or want to learn how to play your instrument as an accompanying instrument or how to play good counter melodies. In this group we will learn how, as a rhythm section, we can give the most beautiful touch to the learned melodies.

You will have three hours of class in your group every day. Although the groups stay the same, the instructors will switch between groups, to give you the chance to learn from all of them. In addition to the regular classes there will be workshops in the after-noon, where you can give new ideas a try. We will also organise several fringe events and you will have plenty of opportunities to perform.