Composer-Performer Masterclass
22.-26.07.2018, Lunz am See

The Composer-Performer Masterclass (CPM) is an open space for creating new music, sounds and compositions. It will nurture the development of your individual musical language – from the first idea to the final performance.

The CPM is aimed at advanced students, improvisers, electro-acousticians and composers as well as professional musicians who not only perform and play but also create their own compositions.

Your goal is to evolve and shape your own compositions under the supervision of two skilled instructors, and, on the last day, perform them in an ensemble, together with your instructors.


25 July 2018: “Surprise” – the whole town is a stage
Workshop participants and lecturers will perform in various unusual concert locations in Lunz. The aim is to open up new acoustic spaces and experiment with them. Such locations could include a car dealership, a supermarket or a hair salon.

26 July 2018: Final concert: The new compositions developed at the CPM will be performed on the lake stage at Lake Lunz by the workshop participants and the instructors.

26 July 2018: Concert with 5K HD on the lake stage, following the final concert.

27. Juli 2018: Concert with Arve Hendriksen, Trio Mediæval and Rolf Lislevand. Free admission for course participants.