Composer-Performer Masterclass

20 - 26 July 2019 / Lunz am See / Austria

Applied Creativity – from Inspiration to Performance

The Composer-Performer Masterclass (CPM) is an open space for creating new music, sounds, and compositions. It will benefit the development of the individual means of expression of creators and performers from the initial idea to the final performance.

Sound Art – Improvisation – Ensembles – Composition

The CPM is aimed at instrumentalists, improvisers, electro-acousticians, and composers who not only perform and play but also create their own compositions.

The goal of the 6-day workshop is to develop own pieces of music together with instructors and participants and, on the last day, perform them either solo or in an ensemble of up to 10 musicians on the wellenklænge lake stage.

In addition to Thomas Grill and Aart Strootman, David Six will lead two afternoon improvisation sessions.


Saturday, 20 July, 11:00: get together & improvisation
evening concert „Shake Stew“

Sunday, 21 July: lessons

Monday, 22 July: lessons and hike

Tuesday, 23 July: lessons and boat trip

Wednesday, 24 July: lessons and „Surprise“ – the whole town is a stage: participants and instructors will perform in various unusual concert locations around Lunz. The aim is to open up new acoustic spaces and experiment with them. There will be short performances at the supermarket, a car dealer, and a hairdresser’s as well as during an outdoor walk.

Thursday, 25 July; Final concert: The new compositions developed at the CPM will be performed on the lake stage by the workshop participants and the instructors, the entire surroundings may be included in the performance.
After the participants’ performances: Concert with Martin Ptak – River Tales on the lake stage

Friday, 26 July: Departure; Concert with Ernst Reijseger & Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei (free admission for participants)